Thursday, March 15, 2012

[REVIEW] The Encounter by By Steve Arterburn

It is a very simple story which bring a simple message - everything must be a reason why.

A famous Jonathan Rush which runs a big company is haunted with the hatred for all of his life. He even opted the for a suicide. It turned up by pastor's advise to uproot the long buried questions of why his mother abandoned him.

The author presents the story so lively how the son and mother eventually came to an encounter. I would say it does not really touches me. However, it does prevent me from stop reading until the end.

I would suggest author to extend at least few more chapters about life after the reunion of the son and mother.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

[Review] The Grace of God - Andy Stanley

The book title didn't attract me at first. I thought it is a normal testimonies or experiences sharing kind of book.

I can tell it is not after I read it.

Author is anointed to tell us how God's grace work since the beginning of the world. From Adam, to Abraham, Jacob, David, Jonah, Paul, and up to the smallest character-one of the crucified sinner beside Jesus, God shows His amazing grace. I thought grace only happen after Jesus paid the atonement of sin, but I was wrong all the while. God has been a gracious God since the Old Testament. You may say "How can it be? Humiliation, cruelty, etc happened!"

This book enlightens me different perspectives of how God works at his most unconditional way. I've never been at close with the topic of God's Law vs God's Grace. We tends to do all kinds of good things to make us look good.

I've been experiencing the grace while reading through this book. The last bit is the best, it seems unfair that His grace is given so freely and yet people do not believe in it. It is true, Grace is given to all that forgiven.