Saturday, January 22, 2011

Nikon D7000 Sharpness Adjustment

Have been read through lots of forum, discussion and comment regarding D7000 does not showing sharp image.

I got my D7000 two months ago and today I put this newbie for simple test on the Set Picture Control Sharpness adjustment.

I love my easy-carry bible and decided to use it as my subject because of its tiny little wordings.

I set the ISO to 100, which produces lowest possible noise and with highest JPEG quality (L & Fine). Every image is about 4MB. Setting the aperture to f8 to create possibly the sharpest image for the kit-lense (18-105). With AF set to A-S-1 point and I locked the focus point. Portion around the focus point is cropped.

Nine images are captured by timer mode to avoid any camera shake. Ya, ya, i used tripod.

By selecting Set Picture Control to Standard. Sharpness is tune from 1-9.

Below is the original image, focus point and 9 images I snapped by increasing the sharpness by +1 follow.

Original Image

Focus Point
Sharpness - 1
Sharpness - 2
Sharpness - 3
Sharpness - 4
Sharpness - 5
Sharpness - 6
Sharpness - 7
Sharpness - 8
Sharpness - 9
From the images I took, Nikon D7000 provides reasonably yet amazing sharpn image! I just need to dial or fine tune the sharpness in the SPC to get the level of sharpness I want!

Yet, this is not finished yet. The kit lense has back-focus issue. Check out my next post for AF fine tuning adjustment to get the focus right to the point! Cheers :)

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